From AHA Moment to sipping her own brand of Vodka

January 28, 2020


Dream big they say!

Well, nothing seems too big or daunting for Carla Chan. While sitting at a bar with friends and family this native Trini had an idea for vodka infused with the local flavors of home. Her aha moment soon became real.

This is no overnight success (as most businesses aren't). The struggle was real. Carla worked her daytime corporate job, handled the responsibilities of a single parent, and hustled her way to success, and this dream by-the-way started way back in 2016. The process was long, and there were lots to learn along the way, but as she says "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

Four years later she can proudly look up on the shelves and see her product displayed in bars across T&T; she can look around at a fete and see patrons enjoying the fruits of her labor (pun intended). 

This locally sourced spirit is special. Carla sources the fruits from local farmers, the vodka is also locally sourced, and their method of infusing the liquor with local flavors such as portugal, citrus and sorrel is done with artisanal care and precision. Small batches, just right, with only the pure essence of the fruits themselves.

It's been a pleasure seeing this young lady on her journey, taking an idea and growing that dream into something real and tasty!

Check out Votini Premium Handcrafted Infused Vodka:


Instagram: @VotiniVodka

Pick up a bottle at these retailers:
Stuart's Liquor Store
Brus Bar, Curepe 

Find them in a fete!
Fatima Fete
Duck Crew Jouvert


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