The storyteller tells her own story - Jessy Schuster

December 16, 2019

Jessy has loved journalism since she was a child. She didn't know at the time this is what she was doing but her curiosity and desire to capture and document things was something that was always with her.

This stayed with her and led her to become a producer with PBS, she grew with this organization, creating a channel for Haitian affairs, covering presidential campaigns, red carpet events and much more.

But all the while her passion for her Caribbean lifestyle and carnival lingered. She wanted more creative freedom, more flexibility to report on lighter topics as well as those very serious ones, soon she realized she had to emancipate herself from the constraints of the corporation and follow her own passions.

Jessy's story, her journey, her path that led her to do what she does now is inspiring. It shows us to listen to our hearts, to follow our passions, what we may give up in comfort and security we gain in creative freedom, and overall happiness.

Her lifelong pursuit of documenting and capturing content resonates in this modern age where "content is king".

In the introduction of this episode I referred to several past episodes that you may be interested in if content creation is your calling:

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Here's a snippet of Jessy's documentary MAS, we'll be updating these show notes with a link to the On Demand streaming of the film in January.

To engage with and follow Jessy:
Instagram: @jessy.schuster

YouTube: Jessy Schuster

Facebook: YellowBox Productions

LinkedIn: YellowBox Productions

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