Mind, Body and Soca

October 28, 2019


Stephanie Stanford's Bio reads...Divine Connector; New Life Guider; Action Inspirer; Mind, Body and Soul Coach.

Those are a lot of identifiers, but the one that stuck with me most after speaking with her is "Action Inspirer".

This vibrant, effervescent, enigmatic lady does not seem to me to be the person you'd associate with divine connection and soul searching, because to me that sounds sleepy and Stephanie is alive, in your face, and exciting! She’s a spiritual badass who is spunky, curse-y, loves animals and the ocean. She’s a wife and mom who’s also a carnival-a-holic and a hip hop head. And she WILL get you to take action!

There's a lot of stuff behind this big-haired beauty, a lot that she's endured hat not many could overcome: being an orphan at 16, marrying and divorcing a drug addict, having a failed business and developing breast cancer,  to name a few. But Steph is not one to fold up and go warily into the night, she uses her experiences to help others get out of their stuck patterns and take a hold of their own destiny.

She's graced been a guest speaker 65 times over, she's shared her unique edu-taining style of coaching near and far and I'm so excited to let you dig deeper into who she is and her new world of taking the spirituality of soca music and mixing it masterfully with meditation and tapping into our deeper selves to crush our goals!


If you'd like to get in touch with Stephanie
(She also offers free one-hour working consultations)

Instagram: @thestephstanford

Facebook: Stephanie Stanford

Email: stephstanford@gmail.com

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