Carnival Pics: Trinbago Carnival

March 09, 2017

Photograph By: Adrian Richards


Festival of color, vibes, music, culture and dance!

These photographers pulled at our heartstrings with some of the best images of Carnival 2017.

Maria Nunes

Douen Trinidad FolkloreThis little guy has been making the rounds on social media. For those of us that grew up in T&T we remember all too well the folklores passed down generation to generation, particularly of the children called Douens.  This picture perfectly embodies those characters that flooded our dreams or was it our nightmares. The creativity in it's simplicity is amazing. And Nunes's eye for capturing these culturally standout moments is now what she's very well-known for.

Dwayne Watkins Photography - Team DWP Studios

Rawle PermanandEvery year I look forward to looking at the stills from Dwayne Watkins, this year I spied one of my faves of the season and the subject happens to be one of my favorite Mas designers Rawle Permanand . The vibrancy, the vibe just screams Carnival!

Roger B Stillz

Roger is a Jamaica bwoy by way of South Florida that has a 'hot foot' as trinis like to say, his travels are fun to review on his blog as his photographic perspective is quite unique. His carnival photographs capture those masqueraders that love to strike a pose as well as those candid shots we all love. 
PS - Check out those kicks!

Adrian Richards

Adrian Richards PhotographyHere's another iconic photo from Carnival 2017. And thank goodness it's made the rounds on social media, because I'm now hip to the man behind the lens Adrian Richards. His instagram @AdriansWorldInPhotos is like flipping through the pages of an amazing magazine (one that doesn't exist in real life). Be sure to check him out, every image is stunning!

Damian Luk Pat Photography

Kings and Queens Trinidad Carnival - Damian Luk Pat Looking at this image on a small scale does not do it justice. One of my favorite things is the majesty of the Kings and Queen competition. Damian Luk Pat captured these images that shows the grandeur of these major production pieces.

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