Shibue No-Line Strapless Panty

Where there was a problem, Shibue found the solution. Say goodbye to panty-lines and to showing off a little more than you wanted (Oops!)

Shibue’s are held in place by a washable and re-usable soft silicone gel adhesive across the top front and top back of the panty leaving nothing but a smooth, clean silhouette. 


1. How do I use the restroom?
Simple! Just peel one end of the panty from your skin and re-apply when finished.

2. Which size is right for me?
Shibues’ run true to your normal panty size. 

3. Can I re-apply the Shibue?
Yes! Simply peel the panty from your skin and reapply when needed. The adhesive is re-usable.

4. Will there be a problem if I perspire?
Not at all, exercise or dance the night away! 

5. Can I re-use the Shibue Strapless Panty®?
Yes. The Strapless panty is washable and re-usable and can worn over and over again.

6. What if I have hair, can I still Shibue?
The Shibue silky, smooth silicone can be applied to light hair and it’s so gentle that it will not remove the hair or tear at the skin. 

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