Wrist Wallet (Unisex)

SoFree Wrist Wallets are something you'll soon not be able to leave home without. Walk your dog, go to the gym, hike, head to a party/festival/event, or the beach. We don't always want to be encumbered with a purse, so just stash your cash, cards and key in your wrist/ ankle wallet and feel free! 

Please note size charts when ordering.

Functional: Comfortable Cuff Bracelet that contains a secret inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably carry Cash, Keys, Credit Cards, and more.
Stylish:  The Only wrist wallet that looks like a bracelet that adds a perfect touch to your look!
Comfortable:  Soft on your skin.  Hidden zipper for added comfort
Lightweight:  Weights under 2 ounces.
Fits Credit Cards:   Credit Cards, Badges, ID's and any other cards fit perfectly vertically inside the wallet to lay ergonomically lengthwise on your arm.  
Washable:   See the "Care Instructions" tab for the best practice.  
Vegan Materials:  No animal skin or materials of any sort are ever used in any of our products.
Fair Fashion:  All materials purchased to make our products are made under humane conditions and fair fashion standards. 

Cm. | Inches
X-SMALL 17cm | 6.5"
SMALL 18cm | 7"
MEDIUM 20cm | 8"
LARGE 23cm | 9"
X-LARGE 25cm | 10.5"

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