Year for LOVE...and new KICKS!

January 18, 2018

Like Voice sings on the Upendo Riddim…THIS IS THE YEAR FOR LOVE
and I am in LOVE with all of the new products being offered by Carnival Kicks. 

If you follow fashion, I’m sure you’ve noticed the hike in thigh high boots. If you're like me and live where it gets REAL COLD OUT - I bet you already own a pair or two in suede, leather or pleather for your fall/winter wardrobe.

WELL...time to add some COLOUR to that wardrobe with these thigh high SUPER comfy wedges. Designed to stay up with a pretty matching ribbon, POP, give you a little height AND foot support (that you’ll need on the road for Carnival Monday & Tuesday). Trust me - heads will be SPINNING when you step out in these.

I KNOW. You're thinking: "Wedges?! For the ROAD?! Nah...not me and DAT". Girl, TRUST ME, these wedges ARE comfortable and offer proper foot support. It isn't an insanely high heel + it has grips and a platform for ultra comfort. I always suggest going a size up than you normally wear for extra comfort. 

If you read my introductory post, you’ll know that I swear by my gold sidekicks but I’m switching it up a little bit this year - I’m going ROSE GOLD, baby!

That’s right - more metallics have been added in your favourite go-to boot and the inside hidden pocket is still there for your convenience! Money, lipgloss, eye drops....whatever you need! Right there in ya boot! 

Kicks aren’t the only thing needed for the road though - what about stockings? Pasties? Strapless panty?

Micles glittered fishnets are always IN and they’re a definite must-have for me. My colour is suntan. If you prefer full coverage - go for the Peavey Hosiery. They have a reinforced crotch (that means no more pulls on the road!), leg support and they’re double stitched. I wear these every year as well - and they LAST. My pair from last year are still in tact.

Another new item is the strapless panty - say NO to panty lines! Ladies, need I explain why these are an important carnival accessory?!


AND you gotta try these glitter lips


When it comes to your boots, don’t let the road be the first time you wear them. Break them in at home while cooking, cleaning, working, etc. You want these babies to last AND you want your feet to last on the road.

Every time I touch d' road...SPLINTERSSSSSSS. 

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