Your Ultimate First-Timer Festival Guide: Tips, Tricks and Product Must-Haves

November 03, 2021

Written by: Erika Nesto

So! You’ve taken the plunge and bought festival tickets for the first time in your life.

First of all: CONGRATS! You’ve made an incredible decision to step out of your comfort zone. We remember our first times oh so well! 

There's a lot of excitement when it's your first time, aaaand there is also a bit of pressure, too! You want to have the best time with your friends but there’s this expectation to make it the best it can be - especially since it’s your first time.

You’re relying on others who have already been, rave-related Facebook groups, and the never ending Google search bar.

Well, look no further the Carnival Kicks team has got your back!


We’ve done all of the research for you. We've dug through our own festival planning lists; compiled all the FAQ's asked of rave veterans in Facebook groups; and scoured the internet. We've compiled 3 thorough lists:  Product Must-Haves; Tried and True Tips & Tricks; Complete Festival Packing Checklist.
Here it is!

Must-Have Products That Will Save You Time And Trouble

Chafing Prevention

Prevent chafe with Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick. It has 20,356 reviews on Amazon, prevents chub-rub, and will only put you out $5. Major win.

Gold Bond Friction Glide


Travel-Friendly Female Urination Device

No matter what festival you’re at, you’re going to need to use the restroom for your outdoor event, festival or concert. GoGirl Female Urination Device is portable, discreet, hygienic, AND pink. The device costs $14.99. Keep it clean and hidden in its trusty GoGirl Bathroom Carrying Case. Skip the lines without losing privacy!

GoGirl Urination Bathroom Device

Makeup Setting Spray

Mehron has the infamous, fan-favorite Barrier Spray that has generated a cult following. (No joke.) Vegan and cruelty free, gluten free, and paraben free. Non-drying for all skin types. Grab yours for only $15. To take your makeup game to the next level, pair this with Mehron Skin Prep Pro to increase your wear time! High-performance conditions are no problem with this magical duo.

Mehron Barrier SprayMehron Skin Prep Pro

Hangover Cure and Rave Aid

Your hangover solution is here! Fete Patch is here to save the day, as well as to save you from headaches and hangover hell. Fete Patch will increase your energy levels and kick groggy, sluggish vibes to the curb. Grab a pack of 2 for $7 or a pack of 8 for $26.

Fete Patch

Insider Tips And Tricks From Rave Veterans

Cut a pee hole in your stockings

Yes, you read that right. Genius, right? Do it and thank us later. Taking off those layers can get very tricky and time consuming. Don’t miss your favorite set by taking too long in the bathroom.

Wear socks beneath your fishnets

Say goodbye to the textured feel on your feet as well as the weird imprints. Throw some socks on, beneath your fishnets for a smoother and more comfortable feel. It also solves the problem of your toes getting stuck as you pull them on 😂. 

Break in your shoes beforehand

This. Is. Key. Better yet… To skip this step, you simply need a good Carnival Kicks shoe! Shop our Customer Favorites. We offer comfort that doesn’t require a “test drive” to break them in!

Increase your stamina with cardio

Make a goal of 30 minutes of exercise a day. Obtainable goals sets you up for achieving them! Even if it’s just a walk outside. Your future festival self will thank you.

Plan your outfits ahead of time

There’s nothing worse than realizing you need something at a festival far from home or shops. Plan your outfits intentionally and strategically. Check the weather. Plan for day and night time outfits. Account for sweat, hygiene and cleanliness. You may end up needing to change outfits.

Separate those outfits and accessories with packing dividers

We like this option a bit more than plastic bags because they are reusable. However, we’ve heard from rave veterans who reuse the same plastic bags which, in doing so, is also environmentally conscious! Packing cubes are also a great solution!
Get organized. Otherwise you are left with a suitcase full of clothes and accessories and you may not even remember what goes with what.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Staying cool and hydrated while at the festival is key. A CamelBak Hydration Backpack is a great option. A Sport Berkey Water Bottle also filters water for all you campers out there. If you’re from Guyana, Canada, Barbados or Jamaica, check out our Hydration Pack to rep your roots!

Hydration Backpack

We’re So Excited For You!

We’d love to see photos of you at your first festival! Tag us in photos with any of our products for your #FirstFest . Party on, and have the most amazing and safe time! We guarantee this culture and community is going to change your life for the better.

Downloadable Product List

Downloadable Festival Tip & Tricks List

Downloadable Ultimate Festival Camping and Packing Checklist

Downloadable Combo List (Products, Tips, Packing)

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