Trinidad Carnival: Bacchanal Road featuring CARNIVAL KICKS!

February 19, 2018 1 Comment

With Carnival Monday & Tuesday just mere days away. The countdown is REALLY on. Do you have everything you need to be road ready?!

I got to Trinidad on January 23rd and have been going HARD. If you want to keep up with my trip - check me out on Instagram @azaleazoe where I’m posting highlights of events (pretty much ALL) and food. Lots and lots of food.


Let’s begin with my first fete and what I wore.

Yes, those are my Carnival Kicks sasha boots - don’t they look amazing?! I got so many compliments on my pink outfit from head to toe.

Let’s talk about these boots though:

  1. They’re available through Carnival Kicks AND at Micles in your local (Trinidadian) mall.

I lasted a full 8 hours in a fete, jumping, running and feting NON-STOP…..AND IN THE RAIN!

My feet didn’t hurt the next day (THANK GOD!) I was so worried because I didn’t break them in so I thought FOR SURE my feet would be ruined. I wore them with just my stockings - no rubbing occurred on my toes or heels from the inside of the boot; the wedge is a great height and incredibly comfortable, plus, great grip.

So if you fall….it’s because you’re drunk, not the boots! HA!


I wish you all a safe and happy Carnival! xo

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Nikita Trott
Nikita Trott

March 10, 2018

Good Day, Do your boots run true to size?


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