Enjoying the Journey - Valmiki Maharaj

December 11, 2019

I got a chance to speak to Valmiki Maharaj one of the most visionary people I know currently working in the industry of Carnival. His creativity, his leadership, his passion for this business is game-changing. 

I first met Val while I was peddling my wares (in my case shoes) outside of the Tribe Mas Camp almost 10 years ago. With every encounter he was vibrant, and if you've ever heard that someone gives off good juju...well this is Val!

Over the years it made sense to see him rise to the ranks of Creative Director of The Lost Tribe. In this interview you'll get to hear just what The Lost Tribe means to him, it's genesis and the direction he's taking it. Let's just say it's out of this world :)


We talked about everything, from his childhood and his involvement in music and the arts, to honing that creativity during his formative years in high school, to his career path leading up to his position as creative director of The Lost Tribe, to what it means to be fully inclusive and accepting of EVERYONE in not just our immediate societies but this big old world of ours. 

Listen in as we kick off the road to pre-Lenten Carnivals around the world starting with my home of the greatest show of them all Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

Where can you find Val:






Taj Lost Tribe Taj - The Lost Tribe


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