It's an expression... K-PAYA!

September 26, 2019


Who, What is K-Paya?! Well, I had the same question.

K-Paya is an expressive word/phrase coined by the team that is bringing a band of the same name to Miami Carnival, touching the road for the first time in 2019.

I wanted to know what makes them unique, and what makes them think they can deliver and satisfy groups of party-savvy masqueraders. So I sat down with one of the band's founders, Junior Jangalee and he told me.

Junior was very engaging, and I came to find out they did have some chops to support their claim to creating a unique carnival experience. They've been putting on the successful Ren Antz Miami Carnival Jouvert for years, (not affiliated with Red Ants Trinidad). So with that as a solid foundation, they put together a team of carnival-connoisseurs to bring you guys something a little different from the rest.

As they say "every bamsee have a bench" translation: There is something for everyone! And K-Paya is bringing a little extra something to fill a void on the Miami Carnival circuit.

Tune-in and let us know your thoughts!

As I mentioned during the show you can vote for your song of the year here!

You can also follow K-Paya and see what they're up to:


Playing with the band? Check out the lookbooks that we created especially for their costumes here.

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