10 Years Old!!

July 26, 2019


We made it! We've stood the test of time!

I am beyond grateful to our growing tribe, our most loyal customers, and the newbies that continue to stumble upon us and put your trust in us...without you gals I would not be sitting here watching this lady wine in glee and feel this overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Initially, when I thought of hitting this milestone anniversary date, I thought of how much MORE I should've accomplished in these ten years. But the more I thought about it, the less harsh I was on myself.  As the owner of a small business, there are so many pressures, so many other businesses that you emulate, it's really easy to lose sight of your own accomplishments.

So in honor of this decade-long run, I'm going to do something that an influencer that I admire has suggested I do...Be Shameless! (That's you @ShamelessMaya)
Here's a little bragging on the successes of Carnival Kicks over the years...

1. 2009, I launched a one-woman brand/ line of shoes and website out of my 2 bedroom apartment.

2. The first line for the brand was designed, and manufactured in time for Trinidad Carnival 2010.

3. 2010-2015 - Over the years we've partnered with several big Carnival bands around the world bringing our pop-up stores to their costume distribution centers to make it convenient for customers to glam up for the road: Tribe, Spice, Harts, Fantasy, Yuma, Island People, Bacchanal Jamaica, Xaymaca, Saldenah, Generation X, Carnival Nationz, Wassi OnesEuphoria MasSwanky International, Treasures of BVI, Baje International, and many, many more... 

4. It's not only been Carnival bands and retailers that have helped us along the way, but so many in the industry, from bloggers, influencers, and artistes: Trinidad Carnival Diary, Azalea Hart, Avionne Mark, TheTriniTraveller, Nadia Batson, Alison Hinds, Nicole Isaacs, Kes the Band Dancers, Machel Montano Dancers, and many more.

5. 2016-Now: We made it even more convenient for our international customers to purchase and moved from limited time pop-up stores to being in stores at some big retailers: Trinidad (Micles Fashion Network); Jamaica (Ammar's); Barbados (Shoes for U and Super Style Bim); Bermuda (People's Pharmacy and Lady Boss)

5. 2019 is the year of the Podcast! A project that I am so excited about as it will bring me closer to serving my tribe in a more dynamic way. I'm excited to talk about a whole lot more than festival fashion and talk about all the things WE care about, the music, travel, entrepreneurship, living a life of passion and fulfillment, entertaining and provoking interviews that will pump up the volume on Caribbean nationals doing BIG things!

Listen to Episode 1 of the Podcast "IN THE MIX WITH CARNIVAL KICKS" 

There have been a few STANDOUT moments in this journey that I'll always remember and look back on in glee and excitement, and that one disappointment of too-small-shoes that taught me a BIG lesson!

1. That moment I got a phone call to provide carnival boots for a Prime Minister
2. That time I sourced shoes to perfectly match Rhianna's Baje International costume to wear at Cropover, but they didn't fit :( ... ALWAYS send extra pairs in a bigger AND smaller size.
3. That moment I saw Rhianna's bff wearing Carnival Kicks shoes tho :)
4. The first time I saw my brand on the shelves in a store window at Micles Fashion Network
5. It's always a blast getting articles published, this one in Essence tickled me! 

It's been quite the journey, but I am still passionate about creating comfortable and functional shoes so that your feet aren't fussin' after the festival is done ;)We will continue to bring you new styles, and continue to seek out new, trendy items to add to CarnivalKicks.com so that it continues to be your ONE STOP SHOP for all things festival related!

I am truly humbled and grateful xoxo



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