10 Last Minute Tips For Your EDC Orlando Festival Crew

November 11, 2021

Written by: Erika Nesto

Hey, babes! Here are the tips I wish I had known before my first EDC Orlando trip...

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1. Get there just before sunset because it's very hot during day

Some of the biggest headliners go on later in the evening. Check the set times this week leading up to the festival this weekend. Each day is still worth it even if you don't get there until sundown; so don't sweat it if you'll arrive late. (Pun intended.)

2. Get a locker

Reserve a locker to keep your ID, backpack and new merch safe throughout the weekend. The lockers also come with an internal universal phone charger so that you won't miss a beat. The lockers measure 8 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 18 inches deep and items can even be left overnight.

3. Don’t pay random people for parking near EDC Orlando

The area surrounding the festival is not the best. Your car could get broken into or towed while these strangers have your money and no liability. Try to travel in a group if you can and make decisions more with the purpose of safety than convenience.

Check out EDC general, premiere, downtown parking & shuttle services here. Included on EDC's website is also accessible parking areas and parking lot restrictions. Some of these features even allow you to go ahead and book online!

Secure Parking USA is another great way to weather the storm that is EDC parking and secure your spots ahead of time! Check out their "Find Parking" feature here.

4. Bring solar charger to make sure your phone does not die before coordinating rides to and from EDC Orlando

Don't lose the juice. Bring a solar charger. If you haven't already gotten one for this trip but need a recommendation for one for the future, this one by Anker is my favorite. It will give off 92 hours of battery life! #Winning.

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5. Get own ride if possible or schedule rides through Uber/Lyft ahead of time

There will be a plethora of ravers trying to grab Uber and Lyfts just like you. You also may grapple with getting service. For this reason, it may be helpful to get own rides if possible or to schedule them ahead of time.

6. Be ready to hydrate, it will get H-O-T 

Personal fans are the way to go! Bring a hydration backpack as well.

7. Throw a rain jacket in that suitcase, because you never know

While the forecast looks to be cloudy this weekend and free from drizzle, you just never know! Bring a jacket because you're better off being over prepared than soaked to the bone.

8. Uv index is always high in Florida. Be prepared especially if you have fair skin

Sunscreen and aloe are your best friends.

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9. Don't forget about your next door neighbor: The Walt Disney World Resort

It's not too late to alter your plans a little. Book a day at Disney World on Monday before flying back. HIGHLY recommend.

10. The layout of EDC Orlando is in an L-shape, venture and explore out of the main stage area to get the full experience

This is something I wish I had done more. Don't forget to explore!

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