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Batik Quilt Face Mask + Wrist Wallet Combo (Unisex)

Stay bright, beautiful, and safe. This brand of face masks and wrist/ ankle wallets is devoted to making unique and handmade items that allow us to stay safe and free. SoFree Wrist Wallets are something you'll soon not be able to leave home without. Walk your dog, go to the gym, headed to a party/festival/event, or the beach. We don't always want to be encumbered with a purse, so just stash your cash, cards and key in your wrist/ ankle wallet and feel free! 

Please note size charts when ordering.

Functional: Comfortable Cuff Bracelet that contains a secret inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably carry Cash, Keys, Credit Cards, and more.
Stylish:  The Only wrist wallet that looks like a bracelet that adds a perfect touch to your look!
Comfortable:  Soft on your skin.  Hidden zipper for added comfort
Lightweight:  Weights under 2 ounces.
Fits Credit Cards:   Credit Cards, Badges, ID's and any other cards fit perfectly vertically inside the wallet to lay ergonomically lengthwise on your arm.  
Washable:   See the "Care Instructions" tab for the best practice.  
Vegan Materials:  No animal skin or materials of any sort are ever used in any of our products.
Fair Fashion:  All materials purchased to make our products are made under humane conditions and fair fashion standards. 

Cm. | Inches
X-SMALL 17cm | 6.5"
SMALL 18cm | 7"
MEDIUM 20cm | 8"
LARGE 23cm | 9"
X-LARGE 25cm | 10.5"

2 layers: Liner is Cotton-Poly Fabric and the outside is quilt hand-painted 100% Cotton. 
Elastic ear loops
Nose wire
They are all Washable.
Each mask is hand-crafted.
Available in 2 sizes ( Adults & Kids)
Filters are not included
Filter Pocket. Fits carbon filter PM2.5, tissue, paper towel, baby wipes, etc.

NOTE: Masks, are not medical-grade. Handmade products cannot claim medical or health claims. When selecting a mask, consult health care officials in your state or country to make the right choice for you. 

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