A Hybrid of Parties & Mas, Success & Determination

September 02, 2019

Hybrid Events
, a well-established name - I'd go so far as to say 'a household name' - amongst the Caribbean nationals of South Florida.

Probably the most popular of their portfolio is a party named "Big Phat Fish", the vibe, the energy, the feeling is synonymous with a good time to those living in and visiting this magic city.

Hey! I even met my husband at a Big Phat Fish party, so I guess it's only fitting that I kick off our Miami Carnival season with Kevin Palmer, one of the founders of Hybrid Events.

Kevin is one-third of the team that curates a plethora of Caribbean parties and events in South Florida and the Caribbean. They are also part of the team that brings Revel Nation, a well-respected "New-ish" band on the Miami Carnival circuit.

During our chat we uncovered the secret recipe for the making of a successful party, we chatted about the ubiquitous "Miami Road" topic and discussed the future of Carnival and our responsibility to the art form. He even broke some news on what big plans Hybrid Events and their partners has in store for changing the scene of Miami Carnival in years to come!

The one thing that I came away from this conversation with was the fact that since he started this journey Kevin had a vision of starting a band, he listened to his partners, trusted their feedback when they said the timing wasn't right, but he held fast and never gave up on the idea. They finally launched Revel Nation once their experience and partnerships were poised for success. And success did come with winning the title with just four presentations under their belt. It goes to show, that once you know what you want you go after it not matter what, and no matter how long it takes to get there.

This is was an enlightening conversation! Tune in, I know anyone that participates or works in the industry will find it interesting.

Miami Carnival is around the corner, check out this line-up! I'll see you there!!

Wyncarib. @ Gro Wynwood.

Sat. Sept. 14th.
Big Phat Fish.

Miami Carnival edition
Friday Oct. 11th.
Premium. Drinks inclusive

SCORCH & Spice
Miami Carnival Block Party
Special guests Shensea & Nilya Blackman.
Sat. October 12th.

Revel Nation Carnival
Miami Carnival Sunday
Oct. 13.

Bacchanal Beach
Miami Carnival Monday
Last Lap and beach party Oct 14th.

All events and info.




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